Runs from Monday December 24 2018 to Monday December 31 2018

Approximate running time: 2 hours


Sagebrush Theatre
1300 9th Avenue
Kamloops BC V2C 5K9

Performance Notes

× Adults - $20
Students/Seniors - $17
Child 10 & Under - $12

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!” is the familiar call for young Rapunzel to toss her exceptionally long locks of golden hair down the side of a massive tower to raise and lower her only link to the outside world – Mother Gothel. Mother Gothel keeps a tight grip on her daughter, warning her that things in the outside world are cruel and are only out to harm her. She warns Rapunzel never to do two things: 1 cut her hair, and 2 leave the tower. Rapunzel, resigned to her fate, agrees. Determined to see the outside world, and captivated by an annual event in the far off Kingdom that mysteriously only occurs on her birthday, Rapunzel hatches a plan while Mother Gothel is away running errands. With the help of her friends, and a rather unlikely alliance with a dashing rogue, an unscrupulous Taverness with nefarious connections, and a noble steed, Rapunzel sets off to see the outside world and get to the Kingdom of Corona in time for a very special celebration! Many questions arise… What secret does Mother Gothel possess? Why can’t Rapunzel cut her hair? Will Rapunzel and her friends get to the Kingdom of Corona? Will the Dame run out of ale? … or worse… puns? Panto is Suitable for all ages! Fun for the whole family!

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