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Occurs on Saturday May 8 2021

Approximate running time: 3 hours


Online Performance
BOX 329
1025 Lorne Street
Kamloops BC V2C 5K9

Event Notes

× Western Canada Theatre and Chimera Theatre have joined forces to bring you a one-time theatrical event like no other. Featuring 24 local acts, there's something for everyone. Watch all of this (Live!) from the comfort of your own home. There's even a FREE Family Friendly Matinée on, Saturday, May 8th. To add to the festival feel, we've created a Virtual Pavilion Theatre experience, where you can bump into friends and fellow audience members, and chat with them via video (Available on May 5th & 15th). We'll also have additional activities, nightly giveaways, and food and beverage options to aid in your enjoyment.

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Ticket Prices:
All tickets are valid for One Night and grant you access to all events that evening.
 Regular Price: $20
 Supporter Price: $50
 COVID Relief Price: $5


Girl from the Future – Devon More
Saturday, May 8th at 7pm

A Girl from the Future is here... and she wants to know if she can sit down.
She's got superpowers and immunity from whatever's bothering you these days. She is not afraid to die - and this rebel shepherd wants to tell YOU why...but is she hiding surprises from her past future life? Is our Girl from the Future out of time with her own paradigm?
Devon More presents another clever collection of interlocking songs and stories - from the future! It's a melodic, mainly one-sided conversation about the search for Peace and Company.

Tanya Lipscomb
Saturday, May 8th at 8pm

Some People Perform for Some People - Some People
Saturday, May 8th at 9pm

In need of a good laugh? An evening of spontaneity? Just want something different from Some People who don’t live in your house?! Then this is the show for you! Some People Perform for Some People! A completely made up on the spot, improvised hour extravaganza performed by some of the best improvisers in town.
We’ve got Morgan Benedict, Greg Brown, Shannon Cooper, Des Geddes, Brittney Martens and their not so fearless leader Jessica Buchanan. These folks’ performing credits include Project-X, Western Canada Theatre, The Freudian Slips and The Second City in Toronto.
Nothing makes them happier than being able to play on stage and bring some entertainment to the comfort of your own home. So come along for an evening of enjoyment created out of thin air. You bring the suggestions and laughter, we’ve got the funny covered.
Please note: the performance of Some People contains some mature content.

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