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Runs from Sunday December 24 2023 to Saturday December 30 2023

Approximate running time: 2 hours and 30 minutes


Sagebrush Theatre
1300 9th Avenue
Kamloops BC V2C 3E9

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Robin Hood
An Ooh Da Lally Panto!
By the TLS Giggle Guild

Ooh da lally! King Richard the Lionheart has embarked on another Crusade leaving his brother Prince John in charge of the Kingdom.

After ensuring that his brother will never return from the Crusades, Prince John begins taxing the poor folks all across the Kingdom to their last farthing. Those that can’t pay, are imprisoned by the evil Sheriff of Nottingham.

Enter a wily fox named Robin Hood to save the day! From deep within Sherwood Forest, Robin and his sidekicks, Little John, Allandale, Friar Tuck, and his band of Merrie… ah… Frogs? Begin their own plan of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, any way they can.

With Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham hot on his heels, can Robin maintain his plan until King Richard returns and sets things right? And exactly who is the mysterious Nightingale?

Join us for a rollicking good time as we give the full Panto treatment to the timeless tale of Robin Hood, as only the animal kingdom can portray!

Traditional British Pantomime | G
Suitable for all ages!
1 hour 45 mins

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 December 24: 1pm
 December 26: 1pm
 December 27: 1pm
 December 28: 1pm & 7pm
 December 29: 7pm
 December 30: 1pm

Ticket Prices:
General: $25 + $3.75 box office surcharges + $1.25 CIF + $1.50 GST= $31.50 total
Senior (55+): $20 + $3.35 box office surcharges + $1.25 CIF + $1.23 GST= $25.83 total
Student (with ID): $20 + $3.35 box office surcharges + $1.25 CIF + $1.23 GST= $25.83 total
Child (12 & Under): $15 + $2.95 box office surcharges + $1.25 CIF + $0.96 GST= $20.16 total

CIF=Capital Improvement Fee

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